What do you LOVE doing?

Can you leverage it to uplift our people?

Yes, uplifting you as an individual does help us as a collective but what if the uplifting was more deliberately collective to balance our collective oppression? What if we set the intention to hold our truth collectively? To animate our talents and expertise collectively? To pool our blessings as one people? What if we picked one day and declared it a global day of action #4blkpwr, will you pledge dedicating some time to hold a class/workshop/talk/session/action?

Here’s your chance!

Everyday is 4blkpwr, as far as we’re concerned. To remind ourselves of the power we hold, we’ve declared 22NOV our global day of action #4blkpwr as part of #BlackNovember.

Now think about it, if you could DO one thing 4blkpwr on that day, what would it be? Of all the things life taught you so far, if you could TEACH with our people anything— anything at all - what would it be? If there is one thing you’ve always wondered about our people, what would it be and would you share what you learn with the rest of us?

#KnowledgeIsPower #ShareYours #4blkpwr #GlobalBlackLivesMvmt


The simple answer: the world is long overdue #4blkpwr.

We must acknowledge the world would not spin and continue to spin the way it has without the contributions of Afrikans all over who have been systematically oppressed and deliberately ignored, overlooked, and underappreciated. We live in narratives that are not our own, and it is time to fix that. It starts by reclaiming our narrative and stepping into our Truth. We are calling #4blkpwr because the time to do so was then, and the time is now to embrace and act in ways to take agency over our realities to ensure:

  1. #WeSeeUs Our glory lies in our being—our humanity, our roots and our love for all humankind. This year, more than ever we are seeing each other for the greatness we possess and we are coming together to reset the global standard.
  2. #WeEmpowerUs by connecting the dots Our history is so deeply rooted in the history of the world and we’re striving to connect the dots and connect each other—lifting family up when it is down and also when it is up. We are seeing now, for the first time in a long time, how uplifting ourselves and those around us feeds into and nourishes the collective.
  3. #WeCelebrateUs, our legacies and futures Breaking generational curses cannot be done without taking a moment to appreciate who we are, how we are, and why we are the way we are. We are a collective of a history that was not paved by our hands and hearts—and by sharing in our experiences we and shaping our futures.

To activate this power, YOUR experience is very valuable, whatever country you live in, whatever language you speak and whatever medium you wish to use.

All angles are relevant: scientific, artistic, participative, practical, didactic, sensorial...

Do you want to share your knowledge? Broadcast a film? Propose a cooking workshop? Show your photographs? Open a debate? Make us discover your art? Document oral histories? Teach us something? Maybe music? Take us for a walk in your city, through the fields, across your homeland’s villages? Live stream your revolution? Whatever you chose to do, we welcome you! Join us by proposing a action #4blkpwr.


#4blkpwr offers an open space for any online, streamed event that addresses its thematics. This is a decentralized event, which means that everyone is responsible for their own session.

You can propose an action [here]. This is not limited to our first global day of action on 22NOV2020, we have this space and yield it as a global interactive calendar for all efforts #4blkpwr. It takes a village, join us!

The organizing committee will review all proposals on suitability to stay focused on our empowerment and advancement, but the content, platform, and time are up to you! Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis so keep them coming!

It is the variety of your contributions that will allow us to see that whatever differences we may have, they are ultimately elements of strength that we can all use to pave our path to our inevitable holistic liberation.

Our time is no longer coming. It is here.

For more info or to discuss ideas please email 4blkpwr@gmail.com.

Code of Conduct

You can find the Code of the conduct of this space here.


  • Organization: Council of United Afrikans
  • Illustration: Hatim-Arbaab @HatimAlTai2

This event is not financed by anyone. It is a labour of love, but we welcome sponsors and donations. Contact us at 4blkpwr@gmail.com.

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