November 22, 2020

Acknowledged or not, the world is experiencing a #GlobalBlackLivesMovement birthing a Revolution of Consciousness. Parallel to it, and potentially surpassing it even, is a thwarting agenda intent on isolating, silencing and actively dismantling the global reality of our movement by patronizingly limiting, or more literally choking and constricting it to present-day United States of America. The truth is, this is our reality wherever we are as people of African ancestry, any effort to deny that is to conceal and distort the magnitude of this structured, deliberate and collective oppression of our people. The tactics to disconnect our struggles and movements is first and foremost to squash the morale of those on the front lines, second to undermine our momentum and need for unity. Third, and perhaps most important, this agenda is a desperate attempt to suppress this revolution of consciousness from awakening the overwhelmingly silent majority so as to stop the reckoning of the magnitude of damage, oppression and mass-grave injustices committed in their names. We are all guilty of it. Let’s do something about it.

In honour of #BlackConsciousnessMonth,we’ve declared this month #BlackNovember with a global day of action on #22NOV2020. On this day, we come together both virtually and actually (wherever safe and possible) to empower, uplift and amplify one another. Will you join us?